The ic-failover-server script is located in the /script directory. The Failover Manager uses the values specified in this script when it copies files from the Active component to the Standby component. Also, this script is used for failback actions (manual failover) and manual backups.

A copy of the ic-failover-server script must reside in both the Active and Standby locations:

  • For Failover Manager running on a separate dedicated host with an EMC Smarts product installed, modify the ic-failover-server script.

  • For Failover Manager running on a Standby host, modify the ic-failover-server script and copy it to the corresponding Active <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/script directory (for example, <BASEDIR>/SAM/smarts/script).

    A modified script in both Active and Standby locations ensures that the Standby copy of the script will not be overwritten when Failover Manager synchronizes files.

    To configure the ic-failover-server script:

    1. From the FAILOVER_BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory, type the following command:

                           ./sm_edit script/ic-failover-server
    2. Press Enter.

    3. Update the parameters as necessary based on the values you selected at system installation. Ignore the comment in the script about moving it to the /etc/init.d directory. ic-failover-server parameters describes the ic-failover-server parameters.

Table 1. ic-failover-server parameters




Is the directory where Failover Manager resides. For example on Linux: /opt/InCharge/SAM/smarts

For Windows, the SM_HOME default value can be: C:/InCharge/SAM/smarts


Is the name of the Failover Manager. The default: INCHARGE-FAILOVER

For example:



Is the TCP port on which Failover Manager is listening.


Is the host where the Broker resides and the host port. The default: localhost:426

For Linux, specify a port value greater than 1024. The Failover Manager uses a non-root user account when restarting the Broker, so privileged ports (below 1024) cannot be used. For Windows, this restriction is not applicable. Failover Manager on Windows cannot be configured with a non-administrator user account to perform failover actions.

For multiple Brokers, list those Brokers that are defined in the failover.conf file. For example:


  1. Save and close the file. The modified version of the ic-failover-server script is saved to the FAILOVER_BASEDIR/smarts/local/script directory.

  2. If the Failover Manager is running on a Standby host (and not a dedicated host), copy the modified ic-failover-server script from the Standby location to the corresponding Active <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/script directory.