Configure the VoIP Availability Manager as a source for the Active SAM:

  1. Attach a Global Console to the Active SAM by specifying “<FQDN hostA>:<portA>/<ServerName>” in the Manager Name field of the Attach Manager Dialog Box. For example,

  2. From the menu, select Configure > Global Manager Administration Console.

  3. For the Active Service Assurance Manager, define the VoIP Availability Manager as a source.

  4. Add the VoIP Availability Manager details under ICS Configuration > IC Domain Configuration . Right-click Domains and select New Domain.

  5. Specify the VoIP Availability Manager domain name, leaving this connection initially enabled.

  6. In the Domain Creation Wizard, under Copy existing drop-down list, select VoIP-AM, and click Finish.

  7. Apply the configuration change and reconfigure the Active Service Assurance Manager.