The Notification Log Console provides a view of a set of notifications, which is defined by the user profile associated with the user. The notification information can include, for example, the type of event, the element that is affected, and the severity of the event. Operations personnel can potentially open multiple Notification Log Consoles, each customized to display different events, or show multiple lists in a single console, as needed.

Operations personnel can also potentially access the details of the event through the use of the Notification Properties dialog box. The Notification Properties dialog box provides detailed information about a selected notification. The properties include, for example, attributes and values related to this event, elements that are impacted by this event, an audit log of changes in this event’s history, or (if this event is a root-cause problem) other events used in the analysis.

The viewable attributes of the displayed events in the Notification Log view (for example, event severity, active event, or first notify) can be customized to meet the needs or preferences of operations personnel. The order in which the attributes are displayed can also be modified. Operations personnel can sort on any number of attributes (whether the attribute column is visible or not) by specifying up to five sorting columns.

The notifications listed in the Notification Log view are color-coded in accordance with the severity of the events. An icon is also used as another indicator of an event’s severity.