The Global Console provides a focal point through which operations personnel can monitor and manage distributed systems and VMware Smart Assurance administrators can configure and administer Domain Managers. VMware Smart Assurance administrators control the views, program tools, and access to console operations for VMware Smart Assurance users. The following describes the full functionality of each console. Certain functions require a license and thus may not be included in your VMware Smart Assurance deployment. Also, an VMware Smart Assurance user’s access to some console operations may be restricted based on the user’s connection privileges and user profile.

For any given event, operations personnel with appropriate access control can take ownership of the event, acknowledge the event, add comments to the audit log of the event, or invoke tools for corrective actions.

The Global Console provides the following console views:

  • Notification Log Console

  • Topology Browser Console

  • Map Console

  • Summary View Console

  • Status Table Console

  • Domain Manager Administration Console

  • Global Manager Administration Console