The Map Console displays, by way of icons and edges, the managed elements in a given environment and the relationships between them. Different types of maps are made available based upon the elements in your managed topology. For example, with VMware Smart Assurance IP Availability Manager, the console displays infrastructure elements in network and connectivity maps. With the addition of Business Impact Manager, the console can also display business services maps that show how the infrastructure elements are associated with business services, as well as the customers that subscribe to those services.

Operations personnel can select elements in the maps and then display detailed information about the elements, such as the ports or interfaces contained in a system.

If the status of a given element displayed in the Map Console indicates a problem, operations personnel can view the audit logs of events by way of the Notification Properties dialog box. They can also select and use tools such as on-demand pings and Telnet sessions.

The maps can be customized to meet your needs or preferences. For example, custom backgrounds and element icons can be incorporated into the maps.