This option adds another *.ncf file into the existing configuration in memory. Unlike the Create or Open Configuration options, the Merge Configuration option adds to or overwrites the existing configuration.

When you select this option, the Merge Notif Config File dialog box appears as shown in Merge Notif Config file dialog box. Select the *.ncf file that you want to merge with your existing configuration and click Open.

Figure 1. Merge Notif Config file dialog box

If the two configurations (that is, the existing configuration and the configuration you want to merge) have the same object, a prompt appears to choose between Keep Existing, Always Keep Existing, Use Imported, or Always Use Imported (see Merge Conflict dialog box). The “Always" options stop the prompting and VMware Smart Assurance NOTIF uses that choice for the remainder of the merge operation.

Figure 2. Merge Conflict dialog box