This section describes the patch upgrade steps for version


If VCO is already existing in the topology, execute the following command to find all the VeloCloud instances:

<BASEDIR>/smarts/bin/dmctl -s <ESM-DOMAIN-NAME> invoke ICF_PersistentDataSet::VCOTopologyCollectorInstanceIds get


  1. Stop ESM server.
  2. Install DCF patch.
  3. If VeloCloud collector instances are already existing in DCF, update the instances and recreate Kafka topics.
    To update the instances and recreate Kafka topics, refer Upgrade DCF collectors after applying patch section.
  4. Install ESM patch.
  5. Add new params related to VeloCloud in <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/conf/esm-param.conf file.
    Refer New configuration flags section.
  6. Start ESM server.