Application Connectivity Monitor includes the following threshold settings:

  • Redundancy Group Thresholds
  • Software Service Thresholds

Threshold groups” contains additional information on which threshold groups a setting can be applied.

Redundancy Group Thresholds

The Redundancy Group Thresholds setting provides parameters for monitoring the performance of a redundancy group.

Table Redundancy Group Thresholds parameters describes the Redundancy Group Thresholds parameters.

Table 1. Redundancy Group Thresholds parameters
Parameter Unit or type Description
AtRiskThreshold Percentage (%) The minimum percentage of component services that should be unavailable before the redundancy group is at risk.

Software Service Thresholds

Software Service Thresholds provide parameters for software element checks. The software element checks uses two parameters in conjunction with a threshold to determine when an abnormal condition exists. The two parameters are:

  • Check_Sensitivity
  • StatisticsWindow

This design provides two benefits:

  • Prevents wide variations between high and low values from skewing the results, as might be the case if values were averaged.
  • Provides more control over the sensitivity of the analysis. When the value of the sensitivity parameter is 0percent, one value over the threshold triggers the event. If the sensitivity parameter is 100percent, every value within the Statistics Window must beover the threshold.
Table Software Service Thresholds parameters describes the Software Service Thresholds parameters.
Table 2. Software Service Thresholds parameters
Parameter Unit or type Description
Check_MaxRespon seTime Seconds The maximum response time for a check. The actual response time for a check is compared against this threshold to determine if the check is running slow.
Check_Sensitivity Percentage (%) The percentage of samples during a set time period (StatisticsWindow) that must violate the Check_MaxResponseTime threshold to trigger an event. 0percent defines that one value over the threshold triggers the event. 100percent defines that every value within the StatisticsWindow must be over the threshold.
Note: The StatisticsWindow is fixed and cannot be changed through the console.