By default, IC-ACM and INCHARGE-OI is disabled. The INCHARGE-AM is enabled. The names of disabled domains or domain groups appear as dimmed text in the Global Manager Administration Console, and the names of enabled domains or domain groups appear as black text.

Note: If IC-ACM does not appear, perform the procedure in “ Loading the XML configuration file for IC-ACM manager”.

During its initial startup, the SAM performs the following tasks:

  • Creates an InChargeDomain object named INCHARGE-AM and starts the appropriate topology and event drivers.
  • Consults the VMware Smart Assurance Broker for the deployment and establishes a connection to the INCHARGE-AM application.
  • Subscribes to and imports topology and events from the INCHARGE-AM application.

Every time that the SAM is restarted, it automatically initiates a server reconfiguration—called the reconfigure method—to align the IC domain and domain group configuration objects with the InCharge domain and domain group objects. For the initial startup, because the only IC Domain Configuration object enabled is INCHARGE-AM, the only alignment required is the one just described.

If the synchronization with the INCHARGE-AM application fails, or if no IP Availability Manager application named INCHARGE-AM exists in the deployment, the Global Manager writes an error message to its log file.

This section consists of four procedures: