If your target application includes software infrastructure which was not discovered either by Availability Manager or by an application signature and you want to include the elements in the analysis and operator maps, you can still manually. These classes are available from the Create Instance dialog box.

The classes are:

  • ApplicationServerRedundancyGroup
  • DatabaseRedundancyGroup
  • DataView
  • SoftwareServiceRedundancyGroup
  • SoftwareServiceRedundancyGroup
  • WebApplication
  • JCADataSource
  • JDBCDataSource
  • WebServerRedundancyGroup
  • WebSite

Manually adding topology provides the following benefits:

  • It enhances event propagation. After you add an undiscovered element to a tier, you can also create a relationship or connection from it to another element. This enables events to propagate from one element to another. For example if two elements do not have a direct connection, you can add a third element to connect them.
  • For some situations, it provides a more complete view of topology in a tier for operators.

Topology elements that are created manually are not instrumented and, therefore, are not monitored by the ACM Domain Manager.

Manually adding topology is an acceptable option only for those cases in which the desired topology element is not discovered using existing functionality (the Availability Manager or an application signature). For example, a WebServerRedundancyGroup is not discovered, but you can manually add it.