In the Topology Builder, an Application Relationship Map is available for all classes in the repository. The Application Relationship Map includes a collection of nodes and edges displayed in a scrolling region of the console.

To open the Application Relationship Map, you can:

  • Open the Map Console from the Global Console (File > New > Map Console). In the Topology tab, click an application-related topology instance to display the Application Relationship Map.
  • Select the Show Map option from any opened console. For example, for a selected application-related notification, the option appears in the Event menu or the context menu when you right-click it. The option also appears in a context menu when you right-click an instance in the Topology Browser Console.
  • Right-click a node in a map and select one of the application maps from the submenu.

You can only open an application map from the Topology Builder.

To open the Topology Builder:

  1. From the Global Console, select Configure > Topology Builder.