ACM Domain Manager discovers and monitors applications. It receives:

  • Topology from probes associated with signatures
  • Monitoring results from the Standard tcpAction or a custom monitoring action associated with application signatures
  • Topology and notifications from Adapter Platform

The ACM Domain Manager correlates this information and sends the root-cause and impact analysis as well as topological information to the Global Manager.

To receive notifications and topology from the following, you must manually add the element to the ACM Domain Manager’s topology using the Domain Manager Administration Console:

  • Adapter Platform to ACM Domain Manager

Adding sources to the ACM Domain Manager” provides detailed instructions.

The ACM Domain Manager uses a data exchange file, dxa-asm-from-oi.conf, to receive information from the Adapter Platform. The dxa-asm-from-oi.conf file specifies a custom notification list, ASM-NL; the Default notification list is not used.

Note: No configuration file exists for the ACM Domain Manager, since it is a Domain Manager.

To transfer events and topology to the Global Manager, no changes are necessary for the ACM Domain Manager.