You can also use the Application Signature tab to test TCP port responses. Using functionality accessed from the Application Signature tab, you can send a TCP port request to a software service. The software service returns the reply which is displayed in the Response Viewer. Using the Response Viewer, you can select to receive the entire software service response or to just receive the first 1024 bytes of the response.

To test TCP port responses:


  1. Click the Application Signature tab.
  2. Select an Application Signature from the list displayed at the top of the Application Signature tab.
  3. Click Launch Viewer button.
    The Response Viewer appears.
    Figure 1. Response Viewer
  4. Type the following information:
    • Host
    • Port number
    • Request
    • Timeout (in seconds)

    Both the Host and Port number options are required. Select the First 1024 Bytes option to have only the first 1024 bytes of the TCP port response appear in the Response Viewer.

  5. Click Get Response.

    The response appears in the Response Viewer.

  6. Click Close to exit.