The Application Signature tab is also used for modifying an existing application signature. The table at the top of the Application Signature tab displays a list of application signatures registered in the server. Each row in the table corresponds to an application signature.

To modify an existing application signature:


  1. Click the Application Signature tab.
  2. Select an existing signature from the list at the top of the tab.
    The system displays the values associated with the selected signature.
  3. Modify the values as necessary.
    Note: Except for the name value, all other values can be modified.
  4. If the signature is disabled, select the Enabled checkbox.
  5. Click the Apply button to update the modified application signature.
    Note: The Apply button is disabled (dimmed) until valid values are typed for all required fields in the Application Signature Details panel.

    If you try to update an outdated version of the application signature, the console will display a message stating that the signature is outdated and that you need to click the Refresh button to display the latest version of the signature from the domain manager.