The Adapter uses the model shown in GUID-2783ADD2-4E78-4A3D-B298-1462BCE26663.html#GUID-2783ADD2-4E78-4A3D-B298-1462BCE26663___ALC5620_USER_APPX_SAM-O_ELEMENTS_78001 to associate a VLAN with a VPLS in the MPLS Manager. Their relationship is determined by the following elements:

  • A Cable links two physical ports, one used by the VLAN site and the other by the VPLS site. However, the same physical port could be shared by multiple VLANs and multiple VPLSs. Thus, further evidence is needed to link a VLAN and a VPLS.

  • The VLAN and the VPLS are linked by matching the VLAN id on the VLAN side with the encapsulation value configured on the VPLS access interface.