1. At ASAM_BASEDIR/smarts/bin, enter the following command:

    sm_edit conf/alcatel-sam/emsConfig.import
  2. Specify values for the parameters listed in GUID-488D3A5F-D61F-4532-B87A-C5EE56BFA07F.html#GUID-488D3A5F-D61F-4532-B87A-C5EE56BFA07F___ALC5620_USER_CONFIGURATION_62953, as appropriate for your deployment.


    This procedure assumes that you are configuring a deployment that includes the IP Availability Manager, Adapter Platform, MPLS Manager, Multicast Manager, and NPM Managers for BGP, OSPF, and IS-IS. If you wish to leave any of these out of your deployment, configure one or more of these character strings as blank, as described in “Preventing access to an optional server” on page 38.

  3. Save the file.

    Understanding the sm_edit Utility on page 145 provides more information.