Configure the Adapter to use VMware Smart Assurance Domain Managers. In addition, configure parameters that support communications between the Adapter and the Domain Managers.


No prior version of the emsConfig.import file that may have been previously installed is compatible with this version of the Adapter. You may wish to save the file in another location so you can refer to information such as network addresses.

When configuring the Adapter, you must include the MD-5-hashed version of the password for the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS. “Generating an MD-5-hashed password” on page 38 provides instructions.

By default, generic commands are provided for a UNIX platform. When entering commands, please adjust for your local practice. For example,

When entering a command in a UNIX environment, place “./” directly in front of the command (with no space between it and the command). For example:

./sm_edit conf/alcatel-sam/emsConfig.import