You need to specify the Orchestrator credentials in the clientConnect.conf file located in the Server Manager installation directory.

You can also configure the Orchestrator credentials through GUI, as mentioned inConfigure Orchestrator credentials through GUI


  1. At BASEDIR/smarts/bin , type the following command:

    sm_edit ../conf/clientConnect.conf

  2. Enter the following line for each orchestrator instance:
    orchestrator:<o rchestrator_IP_Address>:<orchestrator_Username>:<orchestrator_Password>:<Protocol>:<orchestrator_ Port>

    You must add the line for orchestrator instance above:

    " ::admin:<E-1.0>94689C5A7C826FD58DDE9F62284A68191EC739743EA25E5E1F76FE49 3337D558 " in the clientConnect.conf file.

    For example: orchestrator:xx.xx.xx.xx:admin:admin:http:80
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart the Server Manager.
    Note: Configure Kafka/Kafka Cluster and DCF Controller details in clientConnect.conf and esm-param.conf. Refer Configuring Edge Kafka/Edge Kafka Cluster and Telco Cloud Operator Data Collector for more information.