Below table lists the vIMS configuration tasks.

Table 1. vIMS configuration tasks

Configuration Task

Configuration Source


Optionally, enable/disable vIMS discovery.


Enabling and Disabling vIMS discovery

Configure Cloudify Orchestrator credentials through GUI.

Domain Manager Administration Console in the Global Console

Configuring IP and ESM Domain for vIMS Discovery

Configure Cloudify Orchestrator Credentials through clientConnect.conf file.


Configuring Orchestrator credentials through clientConnect.conf file
Configure Kafka/Kafka Cluster and Data Collection Framework(DCF) Controller details through clientConnect.conf and esm-param.conf file
Note: Refer Vmware Smart Assurance UI Installation Guide and Configuration Guide for Data Collection Framework(DCF) detail.



Configuring Edge Kafka/Edge Kafka Cluster and Telco Cloud Operator Data Collector
Configure vIMS credentials through clientConnect.conf file
Note: This is required only if user wants to collect the SNMP Performance metrics for vIMS VNF nodes.


Configuring vIMS Clearwater details through clientConnect.conf file