The sm_adapter command starts ASL scripts. To run the command, you must specify the ASL rules file to run as well as choosing how the front end and back end of the adapter operate. The command syntax is:

sm_adapter [options...] [<rule set>]

The <rule set> is the ASL script that the adapter follows when it receives information.

The options control which Domain Manager and Broker the adapter connects to, and it also configures how the adapter runs. An adapter can run by using a variety of front end and back end components. The options are described in GUID-0CF50155-4832-4E47-9E77-A75F6AC5DC05.html#GUID-0CF50155-4832-4E47-9E77-A75F6AC5DC05___RUNNING_ADAPTERS_18055.

The file, sm_adapter is found in BASEDIR/smarts/bin.