Adapters facilitate the communication of information between devices or applications and a Domain Manager. Adapters exist as either inflow adapters or outflow adapters.

  • Inflow adapters collect information and send it to a Domain Manager. These adapters can be used to initialize a Domain Manager with data such as topology information. They also can send, as they occur, event information and topology changes to a Domain Manager.

  • Outflow adapters subscribe to a Domain Manager for a set of notifications. These adapters then pass the information to devices or other applications.

    Adapter overview shows the flow of information through an inflow adapter, a Domain Manager, and an outflow adapter.

    1. The inflow adapter collects information and passes it to the Domain Manager.

    2. The Domain Manager generates notifications.

    3. The outflow adapter subscribes to a set of notifications.

    4. The Domain Manager passes those notifications to the adapter.

    5. The outflow adapter passes the information to another entity.

      Figure 1. Adapter overview

Smart Assurance installation directory

In this document, the term BASEDIR represents the location where Smart Assurance software is installed.
  • For UNIX, this location is /opt/InCharge/<product>.
Optionally, you can specify the root of BASEDIR to be something other than:
  • UNIX: /opt/InCharge

However, you cannot change the <product> location under the root directory.

The VMware Smart Assurance System Administration Guide provides more information about the directory structure.