When a model relates many objects to one or more objects, it is a relationshipset. A relationshipset in MODEL is a list of object handles in ASL. You can manipulate this list by using the list operators described in List operators

Table 1. List operators



objRef->rela_prop += value;

Adds a value to a relationshipset.

objRef->rela_prop -= value;

Removes a value from a relationshipset.

x->rela_prop = object("");

Clears a single relationship.

x->rela_prop = list(y,z);

Adds a list of object handles to a relationshipset.


Clears a relationshipset.

Accessing a particular relationship in a relationshipset is a two-step process. First, load relationshipset into a list in ASL. Then, access a specific element in the list. For example:

x = objRef->rela_prop;