The new threshold setting attribute must be added to the BASEDIR/smarts/rules/health/adapter-setting.asl file.

To add the threshold setting:

  1. Edit the BASEDIR/smarts/rules/health/adapter-setting.asl file by using sm_edit:

                   /smarts/bin/sm_edit rules/health/adapter-setting.asl
  2. Look for the APPLY_SETTING() section in the adapter-setting.asl file. Type the following line, at the following location, in the adapter-setting.asl file.

    if (!setObj->isNull()) {
    threshold_map += TS_OverrunThreshold;
    if (obj->CreationClassName == "Port") {
  3. Save and close the adapter-setting.asl file.

    The modified version of the file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/rules/health/ directory.