In this exercise, the Network-Resource Manager polls for a new attribute and generates an event. The Global Manager subscribes to the event, and when the event is active the event notification is displayed in the Notification Log Console.

The new TS_HighOverrunRate event is triggered if the rate of increase of the locIfInOverrun attribute of the interface, expressed as a percentage of the inputPacketRate, is over a user defined threshold.

You do not need to copy and load the dynamic model enhancements (the file with extension .ldm) into the Global Manager. This exercise polls for a value and creates an event based on the polled value. However, the Global Manager model does not contain events. Instead, it contains only those attributes that are required to identify the device in topology.


Use a unique prefix with new class names and other properties. The name must differ from existing ICIM classes and properties. The prefix “TS_” is used in this example. Do not use "SM_" as this is already used by SDK.

Unless otherwise noted, BASEDIR refers to the base directory for the IP Manager.