A new aggregate can be added to an existing class. The syntax for adding a new aggregate to an existing class is

refine interface <class_name>
<aggregate declarations>

The following example adds the DegradedWirelessConnectivity aggregate to the existing class, SM_WirelessAccessPoint.

refine interface SM_WirelessAccessPoint
 stored attribute int MaxNumberIntended =20;
 propagate attribute int max SM_SignalDegradation
 <=SM_APInstrumentation, InstrumentedBy,
 propagate attribute int max SM_NumberOfMACS
 <=SM_APInstrumentation, InstrumentedBy,
 event PoorConnectivity “AP MIB returns loss in
 SignalPower (dB)” SM_SignalDegradation >10;
 event MaxUsersReached “Number of users on a signal
 AP device has been exceeded”
 aggregate DegradedWirelessConnectivity “Wireless
 connectivity for the AP is degraded” <= PoorConnectivity,
 export DegradedWirelessConnectivity;

For more information about aggregate declarations, see the VMware Smart Assurance MODEL Reference Guide.