You may also make changes to the ICIM classes that already exist in the model installed on a Domain Manager. An existing class can be extended by adding any of the following:

  • Attribute

  • Relationship

  • Event

  • Aggregate

  • Problem

  • Symptom

  • Operation

    However, when a Manager, such as a Network-Resource Manager, is started, its model is loaded from a library file. Dynamic modeling allows you to extend one of the classes in the library file by adding new properties, such as attributes and events. However, you cannot delete any class properties in the delivered library file.

    In this example, several properties are declared in a class in the library file:

    interface Host : ICIM_System
     "Host is a computer system that represents a workstation or server."
        export Down,
        relationship SystemPackagedIn, Chassis, PackagesSystems
        problem Down =>
       Unresponsive explains;
        event Unresponsive = IsUnresponsive;
        stored attribute boolean IsUnresponsive = FALSE;
        stored attribute boolean IsAgentUnresponsive = FALSE;

    Dynamic modeling allows a new property to be added or one of the existing properties to be modified. However, the existing Unresponsive event, Down problem, SystemPackagedIn relationship, and the IsUnresponsive and IsAgentUnresponsive attributes cannot be deleted.