The following requirements must be followed when using dynamic model:

  • Dynamic model filenames may contain ASCII letters (A..Z,a..z), ASCII numbers (0...9), and the underscore character (_), but may contain no other characters. The first character must be a letter.

  • The dynamic model filename must be unique within the first 23 characters.

  • The dynamic model file that you edit must have a .mdl filename extension.

  • Dynamic model files must follow the syntax rules described in “Adding a class to the model” on page 78 and “Updating an existing class in the model” on page 80.

  • All refinements to a class must be contained in a single

  • refine interface <classname> declaration. For example, you cannot have a

  • refine interface Router declaration in the mymodel1.mdl file, and then another refine interface Router in the mymodel2.mdl. Likewise, you cannot have more than one refine interface Router declaration in the mymodel1.mdl file.

  • Dynamic model files (those with extension .ldm) must be located in either BASEDIR/smarts/modelorBASEDIR/smarts/model/<config>. The <config> refers to the configuration directory that is specified on the command line when the Domain Manager is started. “Loading dynamic models during Manager startup” on page 25 provides further details.


    It is recommended to have both the .mdl and .ldm versions of a dynamic model file located together in either the BASEDIR/smarts/model or BASEDIR/smarts/model/<config> directory.

  • The dynamic model files (those with extension .ldm) must be loaded into each Manager that requires knowledge of the new topology and events.