The dxa-iptm-from-iprm.conf file provides a listing of the classes, and attributes of those classes, that will be transferred from the Network-Resource Manager to the IP-Perspective Manager.

To add the Router attribute to the dxa-iptm-from-iprm.conf file:

  1. Edit the dxa-iptm-from-iprm.conf file by using sm_edit:

    		BASEDIR/smarts/bin/sm_edit conf/icf-p/dxa-iptm-from-iprm.conf
  2. Type the following two lines for the Router class (shown in bold) before the entry for the UnitaryComputerSystem as follows:

    # DXA file for transferring topology from IP Resource Manager
    # to IP Perspective (topology) manager.
    prehook    icf-p/iptm-iprm-dxa-prehook.asl
    class Router
                   attr  SM_SerialNumber
    class UnitaryComputerSystem
    attr  DisplayName
    attr  IsManaged   IsManagedActive
    attr  UseBridgingRelationship
  3. Save and close the dxa-iptm-from-iprm.conf file.

    The modified version of the file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/icf-p directory.