A new problem can be added to an existing ICIM class. The syntax for adding a new problem to an existing ICIM class is:

refine interface <ICIM_class_name>
<problem declarations>

The following example adds the IPForwarded problem to the existing ICIM class, Host.

refine interface Host
  propagate attribute int min SM_ipForwarding
  "Value of ipFrowarding from SM_ipForwardingInstrument"
  <=SM_ipForwardingInstrument, InstrumentedBy, SM_ipForwarding;

  event IPForwardingOn "A Host has IPForwarding turned 
   on" = SM_ipForwarding==1;

  problem IPForwarded =>
   IPForwardingOn explains;
  export IPForwardingOn;
  export IPForwarded;

For more information about problem declarations, see the VMware Smart Assurance MODEL Reference Guide.