One of the strengths of SDK technology is that expressions defined in an event are not evaluated and polled unless there is a subscription to that event. In order for the Network-Resource Manager to automatically begin polling and monitoring for the new event, add a subscription the Network-Resource Manager bootstrap file.

  1. Edit the bootstrap file by using sm_edit:

                   /smarts/bin/sm_edit conf/icf-r/bootstrap.conf
  2. Type the following line into the bootstrap file in the GA_SubscriberProfile::PROFILE-default section:

                   {"Interface_Performace_CiscoRouter_Ethernet",".*","TS_HighOverrunRate",77879 }
     { <class>, <instance>, <event>, <subscription-level> },
  3. Save and close the bootstrap file.

    The file will be saved in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/icf-rdirectory.