$type = $session->getOpReturnType( $class, $operation )

The getOpReturnType() function is an alias for getOperationReturnType(). The section “getOperationReturnType” on page 89 provides additional information.

The getOpReturnType() function returns the return type code for the specified class operation.

By using this function, you can determine whether the operation returns an integer, a string, an object, or a list. The type codes returned are integer numbers, as described in GUID-B7CE54B9-DEC4-4E40-8FCB-801AA2EE4ADC.html#GUID-B7CE54B9-DEC4-4E40-8FCB-801AA2EE4ADC___PAPI_PRIMITIVES_96662.

 $type_code = $session->getOpReturnType(
      "Router", "makeIP" );