Connection privileges are specified in the serverConnect.conf file. authentication features provide for four levels of privileges:

  • All provides full access to all server functions. It is required for all adapter-to-server and server-to-server connections and by all command line utilities, with a few exceptions. This level of authorization is also required by administrative consoles. However, this level of access can be further restricted through user profiles. The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide provides additional information about using user profiles to restrict access to console operations.

  • Monitor access supports a monitoring console. A monitoring console cannot change server database or configuration parameters except in special circumstances such as acknowledgement of notifications. Only consoles support Monitor access. If you run a secure Broker, the Broker must also support ping (<BROKER>:BrokerNonsecure:Nonsecure:ping).

  • None prevents access to the server. This privilege can be used to explicitly prevent an user from accessing the server.

  • Ping is a special access privilege that allows connections to a server, but only to ping the server and check whether it is functioning. A Broker requires Ping access to check the status of servers and is sufficient to allow the dmctl command line utility to connect to a server and execute the ping command.