To change the current levels, invoke the put method on SM_System::SM-System::logLevel, SM_System::SM-System::errLevel, or SM_System::SM-System::traceLevel, and the level is changed appropriately.

In this example, the trace level setting is changed to None in the MYDM Domain Manager.

dmctl -s MYDM put SM_System::SM-System::traceLevel None

When you change the log, error or trace levels by using the put method on one of these computed attributes, dmctl does not return anything. However, a message is printed in the log file. The log message will appear similar to the following

[April 8, 2009 5:03:41 PM EDT +122ms] t@1149000000 SM_ProtocolEngine-6
JM_MSG-*-JM_TRACE_LEVEL_CHANGED-User 'user1', using remote dmctl client (id 6), on host host1 with credentials tpadmin1 has changed the Trace level to None; in file "/mypath/repos/jiim/SM_JIIM_Support_Impl.c" at line 458