If, at installation, you installed a program to run as a service, the service will automatically start up when your system reboots. If you did not install a program as a service, you can use sm_service to install it as a service at any time.

The install action enables you to install a program as a service. After you define the name, description, startmode, and path of the program, sm_service stores the information in an sm_service database located in the /var/smarts directory (on UNIX). The sm_service then uses the information to start and run the program as a service. You must have administrative privileges to type this command.

The syntax for the sm_service install action is:

tsm_service install [<install options>] <name> path/to/exe
[<args>...] s

In addition to the common install options, such as name, description, and startmode, the command line must include an absolute path to the program you want to the program that you want to install as a service. Arguments that apply to the program, that you are installing as a service, can follow the path.

For example:


         /bin/sm_service install --startmode=runonce --name=ic-broker 
         /bin/brstart --port=1234