Install options for sm_service lists the install options that can be used with the sm_service utility.

Table 1. Install options for sm_service




Overwrite an existing service with the same name. The option is used to update or modify the parameters of an existing service.


A short description of the service. Enclose the option with double quotation marks.


The service start policy. Where <mode> is one of the following:

  • runonce (start automatically when sm_serviced starts)

  • automatic (starts automatically when sm_serviced does not detect that it is running)

  • manual (requires an explicit start request)

  • disable (cannot be started).

Default: runonce


A <NAME>=<VALUE> pair which will be placed in the process environment of the launched service. As many --env pairs as necessary can be specified. <VALUE> may contain one or more values, separated by commas.

The syntax <NAME>= (with no specified value) has the effect of unsetting <NAME> in the environment of the launched program.

The --env arguments are applied left to right as they appear on the command line, and this ordering is preserved in the database.