Each SDK product suite includes an smgetinfo utility. The utility enables you to maintain a backup copy of all essential files and customizations from your SDK installation. It also enables you to collect data about your current installation so that you can send the data to VMware Global Services for support purposes. The smgetinfo utility is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/script directory.

When run, the smgetinfo utility stores the following SDK directories in compressed files:

  • /conf

  • /local

  • /rules

  • /setup

    It supports the following formats:

  • For UNIX:  .tar.gz

  • For UNIX:  .tar.Z file

  • Versions and locations of all SDK installed products

  • Version of SDK

  • Version of dmctl

  • Versions of all executables in BASEDIR/smarts/bin/system

  • Libraries in the BASEDIR/smarts/lib directories

  • Information about the host, operating system, and CPU

    To run the smgetinfo utility, change to the BASEDIR/smarts/script directory and execute the following command with administrative privileges:

    On UNIX:



    sh smgetinfo