The BASEDIR/smarts/local directory is also the default location for files written by software. Writable files include logs, saved consoles, and repository files. If desired, you can alter the location for log files, as described in following chapter. Default subdirectories for ITOps writable files defines the default subdirectories found under BASEDIR/smarts/local that contain writable files.

Table 1. Default subdirectories for writable files

Installation path





consoles that have been saved.


Manager and adapter log files that software has written. Also where archived notifications are saved.

Note that installation and uninstallation logs are written to the BASEDIR/smarts/setup/logs directory.


Repository files that software has written.

For Service Assurance Manager, the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory includes a <manager_name>.audit file. This file contains audit entries that are added to all notifications in Service Assurance Manager. The entries, which are in time order, include the following information: date/time, notification name, source, user, and action.

The directory also includes a <manager_name>-statistics.log. This file contains entries for every invocation of the following operations:

dmctl -s <manager_name> invoke ICS_ActionManager::ICS-ActionManager dumpStatistics <filename> 

dmctl -s <manager_name> invoke ICS_AutoActionManager::ICS-AutoActionManager dumpStatistics <filename> 

The <filename> is optional; otherwise, it is <manager_name>-statistics.log.

The information in this file enables network personnel to monitor the execution of custom actions and the performance of administrator-defined escalations.