Several sm_sdi options are common to the components of the SQL Data Interface Adapter that are installed as services. Common sm_sdi options lists these sm_sdi options.

Exceptions to these parameters are noted and described with the default parameters for the individual SDK products.

Table 1. Common sm_sdi options




The alternate Broker location as host:port. Also -b <location>.


The name of the SQL Data Interface Adapter component. Also -n <name>.


Specifies the directory of the sm_sdi configuration files: sdi_ics.conf, sdi_sql.conf and sdi_odbc.conf. Configuration files are loaded from the directories BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/<cfg> and BASEDIR/smarts/conf/<cfg>.


Specifies the alternate bootstrap configuration file. The filename is relative to the configuration directory (as set by the --configoption). The default is bootstrap.conf.


Allow sm_sdi to run under a nonprivileged user ID. This option must be specified in order for a nonprivileged user to start sm_sdi.

To display a complete list of the sm_sdi options on your system, type the following command with administrative privileges:

         /bin/sm_sdi --help