An error that occurs during the discovery of a candidate system results in the placing of the system on the Pending Devices list. Each system entry on the Pending Devices list has an accompanying comment that describes the discovery error.

In most cases, the IP Manager writes discovery errors to its log file. The log file is named <IP Manager instance name>_<locale>_<character encoding>.log (for example, INCHARGE-AM_en_US_UTF-8.log) and is located in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory in the IP Management Suite installation area.

In some cases, the IP Manager prints a message, in the Discovery Progress window just below the Discovery Status section, that explains the discovery error.

The following is a representative and not a complete list of discovery errors:

  • System hostname does not resolve to an IP address

  • SNMP agent violates SNMP protocol

  • System does not support SNMP

  • Incorrect read community string

  • Insufficient number of volume licenses