The DiscoveryAddrPref parameter controls the order of addresses in the list of IP addresses that are found on a discovered system, where the preferred addresses (IPv6 or IPv4) are first in the list. By default, DiscoveryAddrPref is set to IPV6FIRST_IPV4NEXT. For IPV6FIRST_IPV4NEXT, IPv6 addresses (if any) are first in the list, followed by IPv4 addresses.

The DiscoveryAddrPref parameter influences how the local name resolution service names a discovered system, as explained in “Configuring automatic name resolution” on page 173. When IPv6 is the preferred address, the global unicast address and the addresses that begin with 3FFE:* take precedence.

The DiscoveryAddrPref parameter is in the discovery.conf file and is described in the IP Manager Reference Guide.