The SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter (sm_notify) converts IP Manager or Service Assurance notifications to SNMP trap messages and sends the trap messages to user-specified locations. Its behavior is controlled by the trap-notify.conf file shown in Location of trap-notify.conf.

Figure 1. Location of trap-notify.conf

The main purpose of the SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter is to accommodate third-party management systems that do not have the software to read VMware Smart Assurance notifications but do have the software to read SNMP traps. The adapter uses the trap message format that is specified in the SNMP Trap Notifier MIB to convert VMware Smart Assurance notifications to traps. The SNMP Trap Notifier MIB is part of the VMware Smart Assurance private MIB, which is defined in the file that is shown in Location of trap-notify.conf.

The BASEDIR/smarts/conf/notifier directory appears in both the IP Manager installation area and the Service Assurance Manager installation area.