When designing your deployment, determine who will use the Global Consoles and for what purposes. Initially, it is not necessary to define individual users—consider, instead, broad functional categories of users with similar needs and characteristics.

Name these categories and list their requirements in the deployment build guide. Using specific position names as categories can make the process easier. For example, you might create one or more of these categories: network engineer, network administrator, network support specialist, technical specialist, NOC manager, NOC operator, LAN administrator, and IT manager. Once you choose categories, determine the typical VMware Smart Assurance-related duties that are performed by the personnel in these categories. You might find that as you list the duties, you might have to expand or combine certain categories. Once the categories are completely defined, list them in the deployment build guide.

For example, Typical VMware Smart Assurance user categories defines two typical VMware Smart Assurance user categories.

Table 1. Typical VMware Smart Assurance user categories

User category

Description of needs/duties

Field Engineer

Administers and maintains local and wide area networks and related hardware. Monitors daily activity, enforces licensing agreements, and provides front line support, including both software and hardware support:

  • Needs monitoring access to all domains.

  • Needs to see all important traps, notifications, and network outages.

Local Area Network Administrator supporting a Customer of a Service Provider

Directs the daily operational availability of the hardware and software systems required to support facility operations. Directs and oversees scheduled testing and review of hardware and software to ensure potential problems are identified at the earliest point possible. Analyzes, evaluates and builds cost effective LAN solutions that leverage resources and technology to meet business requirements. Designs, creates, and distributes user documentation relating to installation of software:

  • Needs monitoring access to the Domain Manager that supports the customer, but not access to any other domains.

  • Needs to see all important traps, notifications, and network outages for the customer’s VMware Smart Assurance domain.