Configure the virtual network so that the VM network traffic is separate from the ESX management traffic. ESX Server networking components presents an example.

Figure 1. ESX Server networking components

As shown in Figure 19, a virtual switch (vSwitch) connects virtual NICs to physical NICs. Each vSwitch contains one or more ports or port groups that can be used for VM networking, VMkernel services, or management services.

A configured VM port group on a vSwitch connects VMs to the physical network or to other VMs. A configured VMkernel port connects VMkernel services (vMotion, iSCSI, NFS, Fault Tolerance) to the physical network. A configured service console port connects ESX to network or remote management services, such as the vCenter Server.

VMware recommends the use of the VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch feature for complex environments, to simplify and enhance the provisioning, administration, and monitoring of VM networking. This feature provides a centralized point of control for cluster-level networking through the vCenter Server.