Events for Card lists the events detected for Card and used as symptoms for root-cause analysis. SwitchOver is also exported to the Global Manager.

Table 1. Events for Card




Indicates that the Card is instrumented and the value of the Status attribute is CRITICAL. Typically, OperationallyDown means that the Card has failed or has been removed.


Indicates that the standby status of the Card has changed from INACTIVE to ACTIVE within the last 30 minutes.

In a topology where a switch has two supervisor cards, the status of a supervisor card can change from standby to active because the Card is misconfigured. The switch over does not result in a Card Down or a Redundancy Group AtRisk notification because it is not caused by a physical failure.

SwitchOver is detected when the standby status of the Card changes, as indicated by the moduleStandbyStatus MIB. In order for the SwitchOver event to be detected, the change in standby status must have occurred within the last 30 minutes. This event automatically clears if the standby status does not change after 30 minutes.

Analysis for SwitchOver is only supported for switches that support the CISCO-STACK-MIB and where the moduleStandbyStatus correctly reflects the status of the Card.