The IP Manager polling settings are shown in Polling settings for the IP Manager.

Table 1. Polling settings for the IP Manager

Polling setting


Cleanup Unused Monitoring Instances


Described in “Polling setting for optimization” on page 156.

Connectivity Polling

Availability monitoring

Described in “” on page 156.

Connectivity Polling - External Poller

Connectivity Polling for IPv6 Addresses

Connectivity Polling for IPv6 Addresses - External Poller

Default IP_Route Connectivity Polling

Environment Polling

Performance monitoring

Described in “Polling settings for IP performance monitoring” on page 162.

Environment Polling - External Poller

FileSystem Polling

Performance Polling - Ports and Interfaces

Performance Polling - Processor and Memory

In general, a group category, such as “Polling Groups,” has a set of settings that are available to any group in the group category. Thus, all polling settings are available to each of the default polling groups.

But even though you can apply any polling setting to any default polling group, not all group-to-setting mappings are valid. The default group-to-setting mappings in GUID-D9F10149-0E4C-49AE-B464-D89D9400BF02.html#GUID-D9F10149-0E4C-49AE-B464-D89D9400BF02___REFERENCE_POLLING_THRESHOLDS_63519 are the mappings that users would typically use.