When attached to an IP Availability Manager or IP Performance Manager, the Polling and Thresholds Console contains four tabs on the left pane, as shown in GUID-953971AF-94C3-4B74-8048-E6778D026D28.html#GUID-953971AF-94C3-4B74-8048-E6778D026D28___POLLING_AND_THRESHOLD_13854:

  • Polling — Enables administrators to control the polling of the managed objects for monitoring purposes.

  • Thresholds — Enables administrators to set thresholds for the polled data.

  • Device Access — Enables administrators to specify credentials (such as login credentials) for device access.

  • Tagging — Enables administrators to create IP tagging filters.

    The Polling and Thresholds Console is divided into two panels, as shown in GUID-953971AF-94C3-4B74-8048-E6778D026D28.html#GUID-953971AF-94C3-4B74-8048-E6778D026D28___POLLING_AND_THRESHOLD_13854:

  • The left panel displays the icon for the Domain Manager in the upper-left corner and provides multiple tabs for configuration, depending on the Domain Manager to which the Polling and Thresholds Console is attached. Clicking a tab shows what groups, settings, and members are available on the tab.

    The right panel remains blank until a group, setting, or member is selected in the left panel. When an item is selected in the left panel, the right panel displays additional information regarding that item.