You can define local exceptions to seed-name name resolution by adding the keywords and values that are identified in the right column of GUID-A4024AAC-CAA2-4B3E-8163-644952CCF0FD.html#GUID-A4024AAC-CAA2-4B3E-8163-644952CCF0FD___NAME_RESOLUTION_92417 to specific systems in the seed file.Chapter 2 in VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Concepts Guide describes the format of a seed file.

To configure exceptions for seed-name name resolution:

  1. Configure seed-name name resolution as described in “Configuring seed-name name resolution” on page 155.

  2. Revise your seed file and, for each exception entry in the seed file, add a keyword and value as follows:

  3. Import the seed file for discovery.

    The locally specified naming sources will be used to name the systems.

    If the resolution process is unsuccessful for the specified naming source for a system, a final procedure will use a public IP address, a private IP address, or the SNMP agent address for the system name.