Global Manager Administration Console presents an example display of a Global Manager Administration Console that is attached to a Global Manager named INCHARGE-SA.

Figure 1. Global Manager Administration Console

Listed at the bottom of the configuration tree of the Global Manager Administration Console are the four categories of IC Domain Configuration objects: Domains, Domain Groups, Domain Tags, and Domain Types. Listed under each category are instances of these objects; for example, the default domain “INCHARGE-AM” is listed under Domains. Selecting an object in the left panel displays its attributes and their values in the right panel.

The names of enabled domains appear as black text in the Global Manager Administration Console, and the names of disabled domains appear as gray text. For example, INCHARGE-AM-PM, appears in black text because it is one of the enabled domains.

The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide provides more information on creating, modifying, and deleting existing domains.