A group’s matching criteria, which appear at the top of the Matching Criteria tab, are defined by using the attributes of the target class that is associated with the group. Each matching criterion has three fields: Name, Description, and Value.

  • Name identifies the name of the target class attribute.

  • Description is the description of the target class attribute.

  • Value is the value of the target class attribute, which is any combination of text, integers, and wildcards. The Value field for a matching criterion is not case-sensitive.

    As an example of a matching criterion for target class UnitaryComputerSystem, if you specify “Router” for the Type attribute, only routers become members of the group; if you specify “R1*” for the Name attribute, only routers having names beginning with the string R1 become members of the group. Chapter 9, Wildcard Patterns, in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide contains information on wildcard patterns.

    When a managed object matches a group’s target class and matches all of the attributes defined for the target class, the managed object becomes a member of the group.