Using the Polling and Thresholds Console, you can perform the following tasks as listed in Tasks in polling and thresholds console:

Table 1. Tasks in polling and thresholds console



Create new groups

“Creating new groups” on page 105

Copy existing group

“Copying an existing group” on page 105

Create empty groups

“Creating an empty group” on page 105

Modify properties of a group

“Modifying the properties of a group” on page 106

Add or remove settings from a group

“Adding or removing Settings parameters” on page 106

Modify priorities of a group

“Modifying the priority of groups” on page 107

Edit parameters of a setting

“Modifying the values of Settings parameter” on page 106

Restore default values of a setting

“Restoring the default values of a setting” on page 107

Edit matching criteria

“Editing matching criteria” on page 108

Add or remove matching criteria

“Adding or removing matching criteria” on page 108

Edit value of matching criteria

“Changing the value of a matching criterion” on page 108

Modify polling and Polling groups

“Modifying polling and polling groups” on page 109

Control the removal of instrumentation objects

VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Concepts Guide contains information on optimization of polling settings.